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The 50c will be sporting the MT6592, developed MediaTek in the latter part of 2013 as the first true octa-core mobile processor . This chipset will be turning 8 Cortex A7 cores running at 1.7Ghz, which is pretty awesome considering the USD$300 price range. The 50b priced at around USD$220 will be using MediaTeks MT6582 chipset, which is a quad-core processor running at 1.3Ghz per core. Strangely, and maybe by necessity being a budget phone, both variants will have only 1GB of RAM.
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Its not a typo, it actually starts at 229 in the UK ($299 in the US) for the 16 GB model. If thats not enough, the OnePlus One uses CyanogenMod as the operating system a free and open source OS based on Googles official releases of Android with strong community support. Lets start with the OS, because it is thebiggest unique selling point of the handset. The OnePlus One uses a version of CyanogenMod 11 called 11S. This is based around Android 4.4.2 Kitkat (for those of you keeping track, the current version in the handset is 11.0-XNPH22Q).As one of the first phones to ship out of the factory with CyanogenMod installed (as opposed to sitting down with a multitude of flashing tools, roms, and long linux command line incantations to switch overan existing Android handset), this significantly reduces the barrier of entryinto the world of CyanogenMod.
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Reviewed on: 28 January 14 RRP: 399 inc VAT Rating: We love what Sony has done with the Xperia Z1 Compact. Finally consumers have the choice to buy a high-end smartphone without being forced to use a large screen. The fact it’s cheaper than most flagship devices makes it one of the best smartphones around. Reviewed on: 8 May 14 RRP: 599 inc VAT Rating: Although not much has changed from the Xperia Z1, the Xperia Z2 is another solid effort from Sony.
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The results are powered by Strategy Analytics’ state-of- the-art Consumer Telemetry Platform [ ] by leveraging three core components – a best-in-class telemetry application, an opt-in panel, and big data analytics framework to support rich analysis. Photo – [ ] While Facebook, YouTube and Messaging apps demonstrate category leading performance with over 50% share in total time spent in their respective categories, niche segments such as LifeStyle, Productivity, and News, Weather & Sports are characterized by a broad range of smaller apps – no single publisher dominates the category and thereby presents opportunities for new and inspiring app concepts. Bonny Joy, Chief, Consumer Telemetry Platforms, said: “The three big categories are social, communication, and browsing – together they account for nearly a third of the time spent. Our analysis on the top 25 apps across each of the categories shows games and lifestyle segments are among the most vulnerable in maintaining mindshare as they are quick to come and disappear from our rankings.” Barry Gilbert, Vice President, said: “Without doubt time spent on mobile is on the upward trajectory. Our data shows that of the total time spent, the gain is attributed primarily to the increased usage in social, communication and browsing categories.” AppOptix addresses the contextual nuances of the consumer behavior through a full-suite of tools, including dashboards, reports, and leading analyst insights on device brands, operators, models, and apps. About Strategy Analytics Strategy Analytics, Inc. provides the competitive edge with advisory services, consulting and actionable market intelligence for emerging technology, mobile and wireless, digital consumer and automotive electronics companies.
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