Mutant Malware Threatens US Android Phones

by Peter Bright – Jun 12, 2014 4:30 pm UTC 38 Last year, Microsoft released what the company paradoxically describes as a native client for Outlook Web App (OWA) for the iPhone and iPad . Now the company has released an Android version of the same appto the Google Play store. As with the iOS app, OWA for Android provides e-mail, calendaring, and contacts all in a Metro-styled application. The two apps are nearly identical in capability; you can search for locations for appointments using Bing Maps, e-mails that appear to be discussing a meeting can create the relevant calendar entries, and there’s support for Microsoft’s Information Rights Management content protection. Microsoft Microsoft The app also supports some amount of remote management; administrators can remotely wipe the app while leaving everything else on the phone untouched. The Android version has one feature not found in the iOS version.
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Expanding its reach, Mozilla touts Firefox OS apps running on Android — Tech News and Analysis

What’s more, little Svpeng has moved out of its home in Russia and is now infecting Android devices all over the world, including the United States. MORE: Best Android Antivirus Software 2014 Moscow-based security company Kaspersky Lab, which first detected Svpeng , says that just a few months after its discovery, the malware already showed new abilities. For example, Svpeng gained the ability to remain hidden on infected phones until users access certain mobile banking apps. Svpeng blocked those legitimate banking apps from opening, and instead launched a fake interface designed to look like the real app. Disguised as a banking app, Svpeng prompted users to enter their banking credentials, which were sent on to the criminals behind the malware.
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Heres a look how this all works on Android phones: You can install Firefox OS apps from Mozillas online marketplace : Theres actually quite a bit of affinity between Mozillas smartphone platform and Googles. When Mozilla first started what is today called Firefox OS, it was actually implemented as Boot 2 Gecko on a few select Android handsets. Like Android, it runs on a Linux kernel as well. Ironically, its also similar to Googles Chrome OS as it too runs a web-based environment atop Linux. Will hordes of Android owners rush to install Firefox OS apps on their Android phone? Not likely, but I dont see Mozillas effort here as way to try and accomplish that.
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