For users in the near term, the beautiful new look of Android 5.0 and apps that follow Material Design guidelines arethe best thing about Googles new design language. But as was coveredin a recent interview, Googlers have revealed another important reason that Material Design is so great. FROM EARLIER: This great Google app will help you get paid Android apps for free forever Thanks to Material Design, Android 5.0 Lollipop is characterized by a flatter graphicalinterface that uses bold colors and subtle shadows to create a sleek visual experience that feels as though it is made up of physical materials rather than just pixels on a screen. Its a real pleasure to look at and use, but Android designerNicholas Jitkoff pointed out another huge benefit of Material Design. In an interview with TechCrunch, Jitkoff said that one of the biggest goals with Android 5.0 and Material Design was to create a system for design that would work across all our platforms. Jitkoffadded that apps should be able to scale elegantly, and that developersshould also be smarter about how their apps appear on larger devices such as tablets. He said that developers often attempt to crammore content into their interfaces on larger devices, but often its better to display the same amount of content, and do so in a different way. Android apps have historically not provided a consistent experience across devices of different sizes, so Material Design could go a long way in the effort to create a more unified Android experience. aplikasi android